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Taking Care of Your Heating System

Jan 25, 2024 | Heating Contractor

heating system

heating systemJust like you check your car’s engine, oil, and tire pressure before a long drive, it’s a smart move to inspect your home heating system before the winter season sets in.

By doing so, you’ll ensure it works efficiently when you need it the most. You can either hire a professional heating contractor to perform these checks or take some basic maintenance steps yourself.

Tips For Maintaining Your Heating System

Here’s an extended checklist of tasks to ensure your heating system is in its best shape:

Check the Thermostat

Start with the thermostat. Make sure it’s not only set to your desired temperature but also calibrated correctly. An inaccurate thermostat can cause your heating system to run unevenly or waste energy. If you notice any issues with your thermostat, consider recalibrating it or seeking professional assistance.

Maintenance for Forced-Air Systems

Regardless of the type of fuel your system uses, regular maintenance is crucial. Here’s what you can do:

Check the Filter

Your heating system’s air filter(s) play a vital role in maintaining indoor air quality. Check it at least once a month, and if you have pets or respiratory issues, inspect it more frequently. Replacing the filter every three months is recommended, but this may vary depending on indoor air pollution levels.

Inspect Ductwork

Have a professional inspect and clean your ductwork annually. This ensures that your system operates efficiently and prevents leaks or the buildup of contaminants within the ducts.

Blower Cleaning

Cleaning the blower is a task best left to professional heating contractors in Knoxville TN. They can thoroughly clean the blower housing, ensuring optimal system performance.

heating systemHeat Pump Maintenance

For homeowners with heat pumps, here are essential maintenance steps:

Clear Surrounding Foliage

Keep the area around your heat pump’s outdoor unit clear. Maintain a minimum distance of 18 inches to prevent obstructions that could affect its operation.

Air Filter Cleaning

Check the heat pump’s air filters monthly and change every three months or when they appear dirty. This simple step can help maintain efficient airflow and heating or cooling performance.

Coil Cleaning

If you notice that the coils on the outdoor unit are clogged or dirty, clean them. This can be done with a soft brush or by a professional technician.

Regular HVAC maintenance ensures that your heating system operates efficiently, which not only keeps your home comfortable but also saves energy and reduces utility costs. Remember, some tasks, like blower cleaning, should be handled by professional HVAC contractors in Knoxville TN for safety and effectiveness.

By following these steps and hiring J.C.’s Heating and Air for reliable HVAC services, you’ll keep your heating and cooling system in excellent condition, ensuring your home remains cozy and energy-efficient during the winter months.

Don’t delay. Take action now to prepare your heating system for winter! Call J.C.’s Heating and Air now. 

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