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Common Heat Pump Problems And Solutions

Nov 8, 2023 | Heat Pump

heat pump

heat pumpOwning a heat pump in your home is like having a loyal companion that keeps you cool when the scorching summer sun beats down and wraps you in warmth during the chilly winter months. Feeling comfortable within the confines of your own home is a luxury we all cherish.

However, this comfort can be disrupted when your trusty heat pump decides to take a break and stops working as efficiently as it should. So, what are the typical problems that heat pumps encounter?

If you’ve been fortunate enough never to have faced any heat pump issues, that’s wonderful! But it’s essential not to become overly complacent. There may come unexpected moments when your heat pump decides to go on strike.

In such cases, it becomes crucial to identify the problem and address it promptly. And yes, sometimes, you might need to seek the expertise of an HVAC contractor for more complex issues.

Common problems you might come across with your heat pump

Unit Not Turning On

Heat pumps can experience various issues, and one of the most frequent problems is when the unit simply refuses to turn on. This can often be traced back to power-related problems. It might be a faulty thermostat that’s not communicating effectively with your heat pump, a broken starter capacitor that’s failing to kickstart the unit, or a malfunctioning reversing valve that’s not directing the flow of refrigerant correctly.

Of course, there could be other underlying reasons as well. If you find yourself scratching your head, trying to decipher the cause, it’s a clear signal that it’s time to call in a heating contractor – a professional well-versed in handling heating and cooling systems.

Unit Not Heating

If you notice that your heat pump isn’t doing its primary job of keeping your home warm and toasty, it could be attributed to one of three common causes or even a combination of them. Firstly, a blocked unit can significantly reduce its efficiency, making it less effective at heating your home.

heat pumpSecondly, a dirty air filter might be the culprit. Over time, air filters tend to accumulate dust and debris, leading to airflow blockages. This, in turn, hampers the efficiency of your heating system. Lastly, a low refrigerant charge could be the issue. This is often the result of a refrigerant leak somewhere along the pipes. In some cases, a lack of heating could be caused by a combination of these factors.

Unit Not Cooling

On the flip side, your heat pump may not be effectively cooling your home when you need it to. Cooling issues could also arise when there are problems with the thermostat. Additionally, insufficient refrigerant can hamper your heat pump’s ability to cool your home adequately.

Furthermore, internal components of the heat pump might be responsible for the reduced cooling capacity. In cases like these, it’s crucial to seek the expertise of heating and cooling professionals who can accurately diagnose and resolve these issues.

Unit Running Constantly

If your heat pump in Knoxville TN seems to be running non-stop, it’s definitely a cause for concern. In some cases, this constant operation is due to extremely cold weather conditions. Heat pumps are designed to provide gradual heating, but when the weather takes a sharp dip in temperatures, your heat pump might continue running continuously – but don’t panic; this isn’t a problem in such circumstances.

However, if your heat pump keeps running incessantly, and there are no extreme weather conditions to justify it, it could be due to issues with the thermostat or certain components linked to the compressor beginning to fail.

If you find yourself in need of assistance with your heat pump, don’t hesitate to reach out to Knoxville HVAC contractor. They possess the knowledge and skills required to accurately diagnose and effectively resolve these issues, ensuring your home remains a comfortable sanctuary throughout the year.

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