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What You Need To Know About Spring Maintenance For Your HVAC System

May 26, 2023 | HVAC System


HVACSpring is the best time to deep clean your home. It’s also a good time to maintain your HVAC system.

Spring maintenance on your HVAC system will help to keep your home cleaner and ensure that your system runs efficiently. A system that is running efficiently can save you money on your energy bills and prevent costly HVAC repairs. This will extend the life of your equipment.

Follow these spring HVAC cleaning tips for homeowners.

Replace your air filter

Two reasons make this the most important tip for every homeowner. This is a simple task that can have a significant impact on your HVAC system’s health. Clean air filters can help you save energy in your home. This will improve your home’s air quality by capturing airborne particles such as dust and allergens. It is important to do this if you reside in an area where pollen levels are high.

You should change your disposable filter monthly. If you use a washable one, you must clean and wash the filter every month.

Check your Ductwork

The ductwork in your home is an integral part of the HVAC system. Be sure to seal any joints or holes that are leaking. If there are cracks in your ductwork, you should make sure to fix them.

Drainage Hole

A drainage hole is usually located in the base of an air conditioner’s cabinet. This hole must be kept clean for your HVAC unit to function properly. A drainage hole that is not kept clean can become blocked and stop your unit from draining. It will increase the stress on your unit, and reduce its efficiency. Clogs can also occur at the P trap, which is located not far from the drain hole. Be sure to also clear the P-trap.

HVACKeep your windows and doors closed

It’s best to close windows and doors if you or other members of your family suffer from allergies or asthma. This will prevent allergens from getting in. It’s best to close windows and doors in the summer to prevent allergens from entering, but also to keep hot and humid air outside. Allowing in too much hot air can strain your heating and cooling system, reduce its efficiency, and increase costs.

Remove any obstructions around the outside part of the system

It is vital to regularly check on your outdoor unit because it is exposed to the elements. Regularly check the unit to ensure it is free of debris or loose plants. Also, make sure that no vegetation grows within two feet of the unit. It is important that your air conditioner can pull the air needed to regulate the temperature of your home.

Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Install a programmable thermostat  if you don’t have one. This will not only give you more control over the temperature of your home but may also lower your energy bills as you can set it to run less when you aren’t home.

This spring, if you don’t have a thermostat that can be programmed, is the perfect time to install one. It is important to update the schedule and adjust your thermostat’s settings if you have one. Check to see if all vents have been opened.

Test Your Air Conditioner

It’s a great idea to run your air conditioning system for a few minutes before the summer heat arrives. It is an easy way to determine if your unit has any issues and you can schedule a service before summer.

Book an appointment for routine maintenance

After you have completed the above tasks, it is time to call in the professionals. It’s important to have a professional service for your HVAC system, even if you clean and change your air filters regularly, keep the outside unit cleaned, and adjust your programmable temperature. The technician will have the ability to examine your system in greater detail, including checking all connections and taking measurements of the electrical amp draw. They can also check the pressure of the refrigerant. An HVAC contractor with the right qualifications will be able to identify any potential future issues.

Upgrade Your System

Installing a new system of air conditioning in the spring is another great idea. You will save money on heating and cooling costs if you replace your old system with a more efficient one. This is best done in the spring rather than during the summer when you will be uncomfortable in your home without air conditioning. Contractors are also very busy and it may take weeks for the unit to be installed.

Spring cleaning includes more than just cleaning your house and yard. Call J.C.’s Heating and Air to schedule maintenance or service.

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