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Air Conditioning Contractor’s Guide to Humidity Management

May 10, 2023 | Air Conditioning Contractor

air conditioning contractor Knoxville TN

air conditioning contractor Knoxville TNInterior comfort is heavily influenced by humidity. Here are some tips from expert air conditioning contractors. Low or high RH may cause discomfort to the occupants of the building and damage the products within, such as hardwood flooring or instruments. Over time, high humidity can be a health risk, especially when levels are above 50%-70%. Interiors with high levels of humidity can be a breeding ground for odors, an increase in asthma, and condensation which can cause damage to buildings.

The ideal interior humidity level depends on the climate and location. ASHRAE standards state that ideal winter comfort levels are 68 degrees F – 74 degrees F at a relative humidity of 40-60%. This range in the summer is 73 degF to 79 degF with 40-60% relative humidity. These levels are ideal for comfort, and to prevent unwanted microorganisms and damage to fixtures and building materials.

Air Conditioning Sizing: Challenges and Solutions

Air conditioning contractors in Knoxville TN have been able, as homes have become energy-efficient with improved insulation and ventilation over the last few years, to rethink AC size since cooling loads have decreased. Although cooling loads have decreased, latent loads, which include moisture and humidity, are less easily reduced. ACs may not be optimal for removing latent heat, or humidity in the air, because they have been sized to meet cooling requirements. It is more important than ever that HVAC systems are set up correctly to remove moisture. It is important that HVAC systems are installed correctly to achieve maximum humidity control. Otherwise, they can result in cold and humid houses where moisture in the air could cause mold growth and structural damage.

If the air conditioner is not large enough for the space, it won’t be able to remove the entire humidity or cool the room properly at all times. A unit that is too large will not operate as often. The temperature is quickly lowered, but not the humidity.

It is now more important than ever that you perform a load analysis and determine the heat gain and loss of each building in which an HVAC system will be installed.

hvac preventative maintenanceFan Speed Adjustments

The fan speed should be adjusted to ensure the HVAC system of the building is operating at its maximum efficiency in controlling humidity. The size of the AC will be considered along with the furnace’s capabilities and the ductwork to ensure that all the components are compatible and work together.

You can control interior humidity by lowering the fan speed. It is important to ensure that the evaporator does not freeze. A cooler evaporator can remove more humidity from the air. It would then be unable to absorb heat, and air would not be able to blow across the evaporator. This can cause damage to the compressor. Before making any adjustments, make sure you understand what the thermostat and blower board are capable of. If you combine an Electronic Air Cleaner with a low fan speed, ozone can be produced and cause harm to your health.

When the fan is running continuously at a lower speed, it can reduce the efficiency of the entire system. When the AC runs continuously at low speed, it reduces interior humidity and balances temperatures.

You can read more about it here:

For your HVAC system’s efficiency and to dehumidify your interior space effectively, you need to size your equipment correctly before installing or replacing it. Fan speeds should be set at the desired speed to achieve a balance between efficiency, even temperatures, and moisture reduction. The controls of the equipment should be adjusted to optimize the system.

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