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Top Heating Problems A Knoxville TN Homeowner Faces

Feb 6, 2023 | Heating Contractor


This time of year heating systems (often referred to as HVAC systems) play an important role in ensuring every homeowner’s comfort and ease at home. However, regardless of how much you take care of your heating unit, problems and issues seem to still find their way to mess up its operations. This is why it has become important for every homeowner to not only implement regular maintenance routines and check for their units but also to learn about common heating unit problems and how to handle and resolve them.

Although common problems related to your heating system can be resolved on your own without professional assistance, it is still highly recommended to leave the more complex problems to experienced and certified HVAC professionals. There are several reasons for this. One is it would save you more time and money by hiring a professional to do the necessary repairs.

With their expertise, you will know that the work will be completed right the first time. Thus, you won’t have to worry about problems that usually arise when you do the repairs on your own. Plus, Knoxville heating and air conditioning professionals have the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills to expertly resolve any problems or issues.

Despite this, however, it is still important that you as a homeowner should learn about the common problems and issues associated with your HVAC system. This is particularly helpful when your contractor is unable to arrive at your place immediately.

Some of the common problems you might experience with your air conditioning and heating system include:

Blown fuses – This is characterized by motors going bad. Fuses play an important role specifically in preventing overheating of your unit’s motor or compressor. It may seem odd, but even in frigid temperatures a heating unit can overheat. There are lots of different reasons why your HVAC fuse could blow up. Regardless of the reasons, however, it is important that your contractor take a look at your breaker box as soon as possible.

Contacts are worn outAC contactor is an electrically controlled switch used for switching a power circuit, similar to a relay except with higher current ratings. Contacts play an important role in the operations of your heating and air conditioning. There are three contacts, one for the compressor, one in the condenser fan motor, and another one in the blower motor all work to create an electrical connection and allow your heat pump to cool or warm your indoor air. Over time, your contacts may have worn out due to continued and repetitive use. Thus, arcing and pitting can result, which will block the smooth flow of electrical current in the contacts. If there is no electrical current, motors, and compressors will not start and your HVAC unit will not operate.

Burned-out capacitors – Basically, HVAC units have two capacitors. The run capacitor works to ensure motors run at a consistent speed, particularly in microfarads. The other one is the start capacitors which give your compressor an increase in starting torque.

Like your contacts, these capacitors can burn out over time as a result of continued and repetitive use. Should this happen, all you have to do is replace them with new ones. If you don’t know how to have your repairman or local contractor do the job for you.

Corroded gas valve – The gas valve is what helps control the flow of gas from your gas line to your home heating unit. Gas is most often used during winter when you need to warm your indoor air. Over time, the gas valve can become corroded at which point, it won’t be able to do an efficient job of controlling the gas for your HVAC’s heating purposes. Thus, you may get varying temperatures of indoor air throughout the day. Should this be the case, all you have to do is replace the gas valve with a new one. Do not try to clean it as this will only cause more problems and damage to your furnace.

Clogged filters – Although this is already included in your regular maintenance routine and you probably already follow a schedule of when to change your clogged filters, it is still important to check them at least once a week to ensure they are not clogged. Keep in mind that continuing to use a clogged filter prevents smooth airflow from your furnace to your air vents. As a result, your unit and vents may freeze because not all the cold air is coming out because of the clogged filters.

One way to tell your filters are clogged is to hold them up against a source of lighting. If you see light pass thru, it is still okay to use. Otherwise, you will need to replace them if they are disposable or clean them if you have reusable types of filters.

Thermostat settings – Sometimes when your heating unit will not turn on and start to operate, you instantly panic and call your HVAC company for assistance. Before you do this, however, make sure that your thermostat is actually turned on, has working batteries, and is in the right settings. Most of the time, according to professionals, the cause of heating units not working or starting up properly is due to a nonworking thermostat.

Clogged drain lines – You will have to regularly check your drain lines and make sure they are not clogged. Dirt accumulation or algae development can cause to clog your drain lines. And when that happens, your drain pan will fill up and overflow causing leaks and water damage throughout your home. To prevent this from happening, make sure your regularly check your drain lines for signs of clogging.

Leaking refrigerant – According to a heating contractor in Knoxville TN, the refrigerant may leak from your unit due to the continuous vibrations while it is operating. This is dangerous and costly especially if the leaks are found in the condenser or evaporator. This cannot be repaired. Your other option would be to replace your heat pump. If the leak is found in other areas or parts of your HVAC unit, it will be easy and safe for your technician to remove the leak and charge the unit at the right levels.

Remember to work only with Knoxville heating professionals when it comes to necessary repairs to your furnace or heat pump.

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