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Debunking Heating System Myths

Jan 27, 2023 | Energy Saving Tips


Many homeowners will begin to trust the myths and fables that they hear in order to lower their utility bills or heat their homes as winter continues. Heating myths can be misleading. J.C.’s Heating and Air has four myths that homeowners need to be aware of in the winter months.

Myth: You can reduce your heating bill by closing registers and vents.

Modern homes are equipped with forced-air heating systems. These balance heat distribution and distribute pressure evenly. The heating system will work harder to heat your home if you close off registers and vents.

Myth: A higher temperature setting will make your house heat up faster.

Heating systems provide air at the same steady rate, regardless of how high the heat setting is. Heating systems will run at the same speed until they reach the desired temperature, even if it is cold.

Myth: Adjusting your thermostat when you’re not there won’t make a difference to your bill.

Your utility bills will go up the warmer your house is, regardless of whether you live there or not. The utility bill can be significantly reduced by lowering the temperature when you’re not home. Heating contractors in Knoxville TN say that the ideal winter home temperature is 78 degrees. The thermostat set at 74 degrees can lower monthly heating costs by 32 percent. This is because the house uses less energy to maintain 74 degrees.

Myth: Cold floors are part of winter.

Your home may not be properly insulated if you have a cold bathroom or kitchen during winter. Warm air should flow through your home during winter months and cool air should escape during summer. Check for air leaks in the ductwork, windows, and doors if your floors are unusually cold. You may need to seal your home in order to prevent cold drafts. Battling the cold of winter shouldn’t be a struggle with the right heating system in place. Call your trusted heating contractor to know more about how you can improve heating in your home.

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