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Common Household Heating Problems

Feb 10, 2023 | Heat Pump


We’re here to help homeowners feel less anxious about expensive heating repairs and replacements. So here are the top 10 heating problems:

Maintenance is not done

These HVAC appliances, whether the furnace or the gas heater, are often overlooked as homeowners do their regular chores. Unfortunately, poor HVAC maintenance can lead to lower comfort levels, premature repairs, replacements, or higher energy bills. A local heating expert can help you solve most heating problems.

Problem with the ignition control or pilot light

Two types of ignition systems are common in modern heating systems. One is a hot-surface ignition, and one is an intermittent pilot. Unfortunately, the furnace ignition control may fail, causing no heat or intermittent heating in your home.

Filters are dirty or blocked

Dirty or clogged filters can block airflow and make it more difficult for the appliance to circulate the air. This could lead to indoor air quality problems. Dirty filters can also cause the limit switch to blow, which controls the fan. You can quickly fix the problem and prolong the appliance’s lifespan and efficiency by changing the filter once a month.

Airflow and circulation are not adequate

The fan motors, belts, and bearings of your heating system can fail and become brittle, causing your home to lose its airflow. However, heating systems can heat up if these components aren’t maintained or repaired frequently.

Overrun heat pump

Your environment could be the reason your heat pump is always on. The ideal climate for heat pumps is consistently below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. However, your home’s temperature may be different from this. It could be due to undersized equipment, ductwork, low refrigerant, lousy reversing, or compressor valves. Get help from a professional.

Faulty thermostat

It can happen to any intelligent or traditional thermostat. For example, low or no battery, incorrect settings, misread temperatures, inability to match your home’s HVAC, and other issues could occur. These malfunctions can lead to poor comfort and other heating issues.

Leaky ductwork

Although it is invisible, this problem can cause severe damage to homeowners’ homes. You can check for leaks by going along the ductwork and feeling for air. Then, seal any leaks to increase energy efficiency, heating, indoor air quality, and “backdraft protection.”

A moldy furnace

Poor insulation and ductwork can lead to moisture buildup, which creates the perfect environment for mold growth. Hire an HVAC contractor in Knoxville to fix your system and clean it if you suspect something is wrong.

No fuel

Fuel is essential for any furnace type, whether oil, gas or electric. The heater will only work optimally if it is adequately fueled. This can lead to cold air, odors, and other heating problems.

High energy bills

This is often seen with heat pumps. Although energy bills are naturally higher during cold months, sudden spikes could be caused by minor issues such as a tripped breaker in the outdoor unit or a dirty air filter. You could also have moderate problems like an iced-over or refrigerant leak or more severe complications such as a damaged compressor.

At J.C.’s Heating and Air, we understand your need for comfort without breaking the bank. Let us help you avoid common heating problems by maintaining or repairing any faults within your heating system.

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