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Common Air Conditioner Problems

Apr 26, 2023 | Air Conditioning Contractor

air conditioner

air conditionerWhen rooms are closed and the airflow in your home is disturbed, central air conditioner problems can occur. If you own a room air conditioner, it’s the opposite. It is also improperly operated. Close your windows and exterior doors in order to isolate a room or group of rooms from the rest.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Air conditioners can also have problems due to faulty installations, ineffective service procedures, and poor maintenance. Incorrect installation of central air conditioners can lead to leaky ducts, low airflow, and other problems. Often, the amount of refrigerant (charge) in the system does not meet the manufacturer’s specifications. When you encounter any of these problems, you need to call an expert for ac repair.

The performance and efficiency will be affected if the refrigerant is not charged properly during installation. Unqualified air conditioning contractors are often unable to detect refrigerant charge problems, or worsen the problem by adding more refrigerant into a system already full. What to ask a technician who will maintain your air conditioner.

Most air conditioners are made of high-quality materials that will last many years. Check any circuit breakers or fuses first if your air conditioner is not working. Allow the unit to cool for five minutes before you reset any circuit breakers. The high-pressure limiter switch could have tripped if the central air conditioner compressor stops working on a hot summer day. You can reset the switch by pressing the button located in the compressor access panel.

Refrigerant Leaks

air conditionerYour air conditioner may be low on refrigerant because it was either undercharged during installation, or it has a leak. It is not enough to add refrigerant if it leaks. An HVAC contractor trained in the proper repair of leaks should be able to test the repairs and charge the system the correct amount. It is important to remember that your air conditioner will perform and be more efficient when you charge it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Leaks of refrigerant can be hazardous to the environment.

The air conditioner may not function properly if the coils and filters are dirty. It is also possible that the compressor and fans will fail too soon.

Electric Control Failure

When a system is oversized, the compressor and fan control can become worn out. Electrical connections and contacts are checked by a professional air conditioning contractor in Knoxville TN during service calls because corrosion of wires and terminals can also be a problem.

Sensor Problems

The thermostat sensor is located behind the control panel and measures the temperature of the air entering the evaporative coil. The air conditioner may behave strangely if the sensor is out of place. The sensor should not touch the coil, but be close to it. Adjust its position by gently bending the wire and holding it in place.

Drainage problems

Check the condensate drainage when it’s humid to ensure it’s not clogged. If the air conditioner is not level, it may not drain correctly. Hire a pro if you need air conditioning repair services.

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