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Tips For Winterizing Your Furnace

Dec 14, 2022 | HVAC maintenance


Get ready for the fall and winter seasons by preparing your home today, and this includes your furnace.

A furnace is a must-have investment to keep your home warm in the colder months. We have compiled these tips to help you prepare your furnace for winter.

Tips To Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

1. Clean the filter or replace it

The filter is an essential part of any machine that blows air, from air conditioners to tumble dryers, and many people underestimate its importance. The filter can block the hot air flow, causing the heater to stop functioning altogether and the unit to have to work twice as hard. It is important to replace the old filter before it gets cold.

2. Vacuum the Furnace Interior

It is important to remove any dust or debris that has built up at the base and burners. You don’t need any specialized equipment, a regular vacuum can get the job done. A special vacuum cleaner will be required if you have an oil heater. You should not use a shop vacuum to clean oil.

3. Oil the Blower Motor and Check the Blower Belt

A loose blower belt is one of the leading causes of ineffective furnaces. This can cause the furnace to run longer and may lead to an increase in operating time. To keep your furnace running smoothly, it is important to take the time to replace worn or cracked belts with two to three drops of oil. It’s important to note that not all motors require oil or lubrication. If you are unsure, consult the owner’s manual.

4. Check that Blower Doors are Properly Replaced

It is essential to ensure safety inside your home. Professional HVAC contractors should perform any maintenance. To ensure that no carbon monoxide or other combustion byproducts circulate in your warm air, the blower doors must be maintained in top condition.

5. Verify that the Vents are open.

A malfunctioning furnace can also be caused by blocked vents. This is where air is pumped through pipes but does not reach all rooms. Make sure that your vents do not become blocked by furniture or dirt.

6. Check out the Exhaust Flue

Nearly all furnaces will have an exhaust pipe that leads from the house. This allows byproducts of combustion from escaping. It is important to ensure this doesn’t happen. This can lead to a buildup of heat within the unit, which could cause wasted energy and damage to the heating system. This is something homeowners who have invested in expensive equipment should avoid.

Call An HVAC Contractor

Our team of heating and cooling professionals is available to help you install or replace your heating and air conditioning systems. They will take the time to assess your home and understand your needs. Then, they’ll show you all your options and help you choose the best home comfort system for you and your family.

Call J.C.’s Heating and Air now if you need help in winterizing your heating and cooling system.

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