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Save Energy Costs On Your Air Conditioner

May 2, 2023 | Air Conditioning Repair Service

air conditioner Knoxville TN

air conditioner Knoxville TNProfessionals in the industry say that your air conditioner uses more energy than any other appliance. An air conditioner consumes almost half of the energy costs you pay.

You will need to do more to reduce your energy bills than just using less air conditioning or changing it for a more efficient one. It is important to maintain your cooling system and adjust your thermostat.

Here are some tips to help you reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioner.

Avoid placing TVs and lamps near air conditioners

The air conditioner can feed off the heat from the lamps, TVs, and other appliances. It will work harder and consume more energy.

Set the thermostat to a higher temperature

Start your air conditioner at a higher temperature than you are comfortable with and then gradually lower it to the desired temperature.

It would not be faster to cool down your home if you started at a lower temperature. This would make your cooling system work twice as hard and consume more energy.

air conditioner Knoxville TNBring out your home fans

Use your fans instead of the A/C if it’s a cold day. These fans use less energy than air conditioners but can still be very effective on cold days.

Consider using an attic blower to remove hot air from the attic. This will reduce the amount of hot air in the house, and prevent the temperature from rising.

Use window shades and blinds

Use any type of window treatment for windows facing east, south, and west. By covering these windows, you can reduce the heat that enters your home and extend the time at which the room is cool. It also helps to reduce the amount of work your Knoxville TN air conditioner has to do.

You can’t just leave the entire cooling task to your air conditioner. It is your responsibility to maintain and clean the air conditioning unit, as well as ensure that it does not work excessively and consumes more energy than needed.

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