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Common Mistakes That Raise Your Heating Bills

Dec 28, 2023 | heating and cooling


heating As a homeowner, you’re always keeping an eye on your heating bills. You try to be energy-efficient, but there are some common mistakes that might be increasing your energy costs. Let’s explore these heating blunders and how to avoid them:

Heating Mistakes To Avoid

Mistake #1 – Heating an Empty Home

Leaving the heat on at the same temperature when you’re away is a common error. Whether you’re at work or out for the day, heating your home as if you’re there can waste energy and spike your bill. Get into the habit of lowering the heat when you’re not at home. However, avoid setting it too low because it can take a lot of energy to bring it back up to your preferred temperature.

Consider investing in a smart thermostat, which is a handy tip for making your home more energy-efficient. Smart thermostats let you schedule temperature adjustments throughout the day, saving you money. Some even allow remote control via a smartphone app, so you can warm up your home before returning.

Mistake #2 – Neglecting Air Filters

Dirty air filters can hinder your furnace’s efficiency. A less efficient furnace means higher heating costs, potential damage to your system, and even health issues like allergies and asthma. Set reminders to check your air filters every few months. If you can’t see light through the filter when you hold it up, it’s time to replace or clean it.

Mistake #3 – Cranking Up the Thermostat

heating When your home feels chilly, turning up the thermostat seems like a quick fix. However, it can lead to longer cycles and higher bills. Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature and let it maintain that level. If your home takes too long to heat up, check your insulation for areas where heat may be escaping.

Mistake #4 – Unlocked Windows

Even with closed windows, heat can escape through tiny cracks. Locking your windows creates a tight seal, keeping warmth inside. Make a habit of locking your windows when cold weather arrives.

Mistake #5 – Closing Vents in Unused Rooms

Closing vents in unused rooms might seem logical, but it can disrupt the balance of your Knoxville heating system. Your ductwork is designed to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. Closing vents makes your furnace work harder than necessary, increasing your bills.

Mistake #6 – Neglecting Heating Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is essential. It ensures your system runs smoothly and efficiently, leading to lower costs over time. Routine maintenance by a professional heating contractor in Knoxville TN can also identify issues before they become emergencies, saving you money in the long run. Don’t forget to schedule chimney cleaning and inspections to keep your system efficient and reduce fire risks.

Take a closer look at your home to see if you’re making these common mistakes that increase your energy bills. Making changes to correct these errors can help you save on costs during the winter months!

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