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10 Heating Issues You Should Know

Feb 13, 2023 | HVAC maintenance


Although it is impossible to predict when a heater issue will occur, there are usually telltale signs that can be detected and addressed before the heating unit is replaced. These signs don’t require you to be an expert to spot them. All you need to do is know what to look out for. These are the top 10 signs that your heater is in need of repair.

1. Odd noises

You may be hearing strange sounds from your heater. This is one of the most common problems with heaters. You may hear popping or squeaking sounds from your heater. Although it may be difficult to diagnose the exact cause of the noises, a heating contractor should be able to identify and fix the problem.

2. Thermostat problem

A malfunctioning or inaccurate thermostat can be a sign of electrical problems, such as a blown fuse, loose wiring, and tripped circuit breakers. Professional repairs are recommended if the thermostat’s output is not consistent with the furnace’s.

3. Energy bills increase

No one wants their utility bills to go up, especially if they don’t see any improvement in their performance. You should be concerned if you notice an increase in utility bills but no change in the use of your heater. This could indicate a problem with your ductwork, which can be difficult to fix without professional assistance. Our HVAC contractors are trained to not only diagnose the problem but also provide expert advice on the best way to proceed.

4. Dust in the air

Are you noticing a lot of dust in your furnace? When the furnace is not able to clean the air properly, high volumes of dust can escape from the furnace’s vents. This can be a sign that your furnace is not cleaning properly.

5. Frequent cycling or slow upon starting

Slow startup times are a sign that your HVAC system needs to be checked. Similarity: A unit that cycles frequently (turns on/off) is one of the most common issues with heaters. This could be due to poor air circulation, a blocked filter, or thermostat problems.

6. Your pilot light is yellow

Trouble can be detected by the pilot light located on your furnace’s front panel. A pilot light that is yellow could indicate a carbon monoxide gas leak. This can be dangerous for you and your family. It can also often cause flu-like symptoms. Contact a technician immediately if your pilot light is yellow.

7. Age-related heating problems

Heaters have a life expectancy. Some units can be left in place for as long as 20 years. However, it is recommended that they be replaced every 10-12 years. Older units are more susceptible to wear and need frequent repairs. Modern technology has made it possible to replace older units with more efficient and cost-effective systems. This will result in lower utility bills and fewer repairs.

8. Pooling water

You should immediately contact an HVAC technician if you see water around your heater. This will help keep your home warm and prevent further damage. This is usually caused by a blocked condensate line. It requires both HVAC and plumbing expertise to fix.

9. You can smell gas

If you notice a gas smell in your home, it could be a sign of a heater problem. Turn off your heater immediately if you notice this. You will need to locate the gas supply valve and open the heater. You should not light matches or turn on lights. For immediate assistance, call a certified heating and cooling contractor.

10. Weak airflow

You may notice a reduced airflow. This could be a sign of a variety of issues, from fan problems to motor and belt problems. No matter the severity of the problem, an HVAC technician will be able to fix it.

We want to keep you cozy throughout winter. Our experts at J.C.’s Heating and Air are trained and certified. We can make quick work of any heating issue you may have.

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