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Heating And Cooling – Ducted And Ductless

Dec 7, 2022 | HVAC System

heating and cooling

Both heating and cooling systems use a lot of energy. Therefore, your power bill will be affected by the air conditioner you choose. The US is accustomed to central air conditioning, although ductless and mini-split systems have been growing in popularity. Each system has an indoor unit, as well as an indoor compressor or condenser. Ductless systems can have multiple interior units and a small pipe connects the parts instead of ductwork.

1. Costs and other attributes of central and ductless air conditioning

Installing central air conditioning systems takes about one week. If you don’t have ducting, it will take longer. To install the ducting, the installers will need to remove parts of your ceilings and walls. Then they will repair and paint the areas that are damaged. J.C.’s Heating and Air can install ductless air conditioners in Knoxville. Because most of the components are manufactured in-house, the entire process can take a few days.

Indoor air quality: Dust, pollen, mold, and germs can build up in the ductwork of central heating and cooling systems. Ductless systems don’t allow these pollutants to build up, which allows the filters to capture more contaminants. Because they run longer, ductless HVAC systems can remove pollutants more effectively than those with variable-speed fans. Your family will feel more comfortable if you keep toxins out of your home. This may also help to lower your family’s medical costs.

Maintenance: You don’t have to inspect your ductwork if you have a Knoxville ductless air conditioner. Duct maintenance, such as cleaning and sealing leaks, is free. Ducted air conditioners often come with longer warranties than ductless units. No matter what system you choose, it is still important to perform regular maintenance. You should inspect your ductless or ducted system’s air filter at least once per month. If it is dirty, replace it every three to four months.

2. Consider these Points When Buying a Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Existing ductwork: Simply replace the central air conditioner, and connect the new system with the existing ductwork. Airflow can be improved with a ducted air conditioner system. Because each area is individually cooled, there is less airflow throughout your home.

3. Consider these Points When Buying a Ductless Air Conditioning Unit

There’s no need to worry about ductwork: A ductless AC installation may be the right choice for you. This is especially true if you have limited space or don’t want the hassle of installing ductless AC. J.C.’s Heating and Air can provide the best ductwork services for Knoxville.

Dust accumulation: Dust from ductwork can cause dust spores to build up and contaminate the environment. Dust can be reduced by installing a ductless air conditioner system in your room.

Individual cooling: You can use the ductless air conditioner’s separate cooling units to meet your cooling needs.

A ductless system is a complement to central air conditioning systems and works best for most users. Ductless systems are a great option if your property does not have or requires new ductwork.

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